§23-4B-6. Coal-workers' pneumoconiosis fund; how funded.
For the purpose of creating the coal-workers' pneumoconiosis fund, each employer, who elects to subscribe to the fund, shall pay premiums based upon and being a percentage of the payroll of the employer determined by the board of managers. It is the duty of the board of managers to fix and maintain the lowest possible rates of premiums consistent with the maintenance of a solvent fund and the creation and maintenance of a reasonable surplus after providing for payment to maturity of all liability insured pursuant to Title IV of the federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, as amended. The rates shall be adjusted annually or more often as may, in the opinion of the board of managers, be necessary.

The board of managers may by rule classify subscribers into groups or classes according to the nature of the hazards incident to the business of the subscribers and assign premium rates to the subscribers. In addition, the board of managers may by rule prescribe procedures for subscription, payroll reporting, premium payment, termination of subscription, reinstatement and other matters pertinent to the subscribers' continuing participation in the coal-workers' pneumoconiosis fund.