§23-4-16a. Interest on benefits.
Whenever any award of temporary total, permanent partial or permanent total disability benefits or dependent benefits is made on or after the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred seventy-one, and a protest is filed to the award or an appeal is taken from the award by an employer only and not by the claimant or dependent and the award is not ultimately denied or reduced following the protest or appeal, the commission, successor to the commission, other private carrier or self-insured employer, whichever is applicable, shall add interest to the award at the simple rate of six percent per annum from the date the award would have been payable had the protest or appeal not been filed or taken, exclusive of any period for which a continuance was granted upon motion of any party other than the protesting or appealing employer. Any interest payable shall be charged to the account of the protesting or appealing employer to the extent that the benefits upon which such interest is computed are charged to the account of the employer.