§23-3-2. Custody, investment and disbursement of funds.
The state treasurer is the custodian of the workers' compensation fund and all premiums, deposits or other moneys payable to each fund shall be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the fund for which it was assessed, transferred or collected in the manner prescribed in this chapter. The workers' compensation fund shall consist of the premiums and deposits provided by this chapter and any other moneys or funds given, appropriated or otherwise designated or accruing to it and all earnings. The fund shall be a separate and distinct fund upon the books and records of the auditor and treasurer. Disbursements therefrom shall be made upon requisitions signed by the executive director.

The workers' compensation fund is a participant plan as defined in section two, article six, chapter twelve of this code and is subject to the provisions of section nine-a of said article. The fund shall be invested by the investment management board in accordance with said article.