§23-2C-14. Certain benefits provided to commission employees.
(a) If a domestic mutual insurance company is created pursuant to this article and becomes operational as a private carrier, then the company shall pay the full actuarial cost to purchase years of credit for not more than five years of service under the State's Public Employee Retirement System to those individuals who retire upon termination of the commission or who become employed by the company upon termination of the commission. The amount purchased per employee shall be calculated by allowing six months of credit to be purchased for each year of service with the commission or its predecessors, including the Bureau of Employment Programs, and shall be paid out of the Mutualization Transition Fund. If upon said purchase, an employee does not vest in the Public Employee Retirement Plan, the employee can receive his or her contribution from the retirement plan and an amount equal to the employer's contribution to be payable out of the Mutualization Transition Fund.

(b) The Public Employees' Retirement System shall take such action as is necessary to carry out the provisions of subsection (a).

(c) All employees employed by the commission on the thirty-first day of December, two thousand four, who are employed by the company immediately upon termination of the commission shall have the following options related to their accrued sick leave: Freeze said accrued sick leave at the balance that existed as of thirty-first day of December, two thousand four and use said sick leave at the time of retirement to purchase insurance through the Public Employee Insurance Agency. Any related charges shall be paid from the old fund; have their accrued sick leave irrevocably surrendered in exchange for one hour of pay for each hour of accrued sick leave surrendered to be payable from the Mutualization Transition Fund.

(d) The executive director may select former Bureau of Employment Program employees who are, upon the termination of the Commission, employees of the office of information services and communication and who enter into an employment contract with the company before the first day of December, two thousand five, to become employees of the company and said employees shall be afforded the benefits of this section.