§23-1-3. Payment of salaries and expenses generally; manner; limitation.
(a) All expenses peculiar to the administration of this chapter and, when on official business, the travel and incidental expenses of the executive director and salaries or other compensation, traveling and other expenses of all officers or employees of the commission and all expenses for furniture, books, maps, stationery, appliances, property of all kinds and dues for membership in all organizations pertaining to workers' compensation, safety maintenance or professional designation in which the executive director considers it advisable to maintain membership shall be paid out of the workers' compensation fund.

(b) All payments of salaries and expenses in the administration of this chapter shall be made by the state treasurer upon requisition signed by the executive director, directed to the auditor of the state, who shall draw his or her warrant therefor, and the payment shall be charged to the workers' compensation fund: Provided, That the total charges against the fund under this section for any one fiscal year shall not exceed the amount appropriated for the administration of this chapter.