§23-1-1f. Authority of Insurance Commission to exempt employees from classified service; exemption from purchasing rules.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, upon termination of the commission, the Insurance Commissioner may:

(1) Exempt no more than twenty positions of the offices of the Insurance Commissioner from the classified service of the state, the employees of which positions shall serve at the will and pleasure of the commissioner: Provided, That such exempt positions shall be in addition to those positions in classified-exempt service under the classification plan adopted by the Division of Personnel. The Insurance Commissioner shall report all exemptions made under this section to the Director of the Division of Personnel no later than the first day of July, two thousand seven, and thereafter as the commissioner determines to be necessary; and

(2) Expend such sums for professional services as he or she determines are necessary to perform those duties transferred to the Insurance Commissioner upon the termination of the commission. The provisions of article three, chapter five-a of this code relating to the Purchasing Division of the Department of Administration shall not apply to these contracts, and the Insurance Commissioner shall award the contract or contracts on a competitive basis.