§22C-8-13. Judicial review; appeal to supreme court of appeals; legal representation for board.

(a) Any person adversely affected by an order of the board shall be entitled to judicial review thereof. All of the pertinent provisions of section four, article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code shall apply to and govern such judicial review with like effect as if the provisions of said section four were set forth in extenso in this section.

(b) The judgment of the circuit court shall be final unless reversed, vacated or modified on appeal to the supreme court of appeals in accordance with the provisions of section one, article six, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code.

(c) Legal counsel and services for the board in all appeal proceedings in any circuit court and the supreme court of appeals shall be provided by the attorney general or his or her assistants and in any circuit court by the prosecuting attorney of the county as well, all without additional compensation. The board, with the written approval of the attorney general, may employ special counsel to represent the board at any such appeal proceedings.