§22C-8-12. Effect of order establishing drilling unit or pooling of interests; recordation.

(a) An order issued by the board establishing a drilling unit and ordering the pooling of interests therein shall not entitle the gas operator designated in such order to drill a well on such drilling unit until such gas operator shall have received a drilling permit in accordance with the provisions applicable to alternative drilling locations set out in section seventeen, article six, chapter twenty-two of this code. All orders issued by the board establishing a drilling unit shall be filed with the director and shall also direct the director to issue a drilling permit for the drilling location agreed to by all of the owners of the coal seams underlying such drilling location.

(b) A certified copy of any order of the board establishing a drilling unit or a pooling of interests shall be mailed by the board to the clerk of the county commission of each county wherein all or any portion of the drilling unit is located, for recordation in the record book of such county in which oil and gas leases are normally recorded. Such recordation from the time noted thereon by such clerk shall be notice of the order to all persons.