§22C-5-8. Remedies.

(a) Any person who violates this section shall be compelled by injunction, in a proceeding instituted in the circuit court or the locality where the facility or proposed facility is to be located, to cease the violation.

(b) Such an action may be instituted by the board, director of the division of environmental protection, political subdivision in which the violation occurs or any other person aggrieved by such violation. In any such action, it is not necessary for the plaintiff to plead or prove irreparable harm or lack of an adequate remedy at law. No person shall be required to post any injunction bond or other security under this section.

(c) No action may be brought under this section after an approval certificate has been issued by the board, notwithstanding the pendency of any appeals or other challenges to the board's action.

(d) In any action under this section, the court may award reasonable costs of litigation, including attorney and expert witness fees, to any party if the party substantially prevails on the merits of the case and if in the determination of the court the party against whom the costs are requested has acted in bad faith.