§22C-4-29. Judicial review of certificate of site approval.

(a) Any party aggrieved by a decision of the county or regional solid waste authority or county commission granting or denying a certificate of site approval may obtain judicial review thereof in the same manner provided in section four, article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, which provisions shall govern such review with like effect as if the provisions of said section were set forth in extenso in this section, except that the petition shall be filed, within the time specified in said section, in the circuit court of Kanawha County.

(b) The judgment of the circuit court is final unless reversed, vacated or modified on appeal to the supreme court of appeals, in accordance with the provisions of section one, article six, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, except that notwithstanding the provisions of said section, the petition seeking such review must be filed with the supreme court of appeals within ninety days from the date of entry of the judgment of the circuit court.