§22C-4-22. Use of prisoners for litter pickup; funds provided from litter control fund; county commission, regional jail and correctional facility authority and sheriff to cooperate with solid waste authority.

Upon the approval of the litter and solid waste control plan as provided in section eight hereof, each county and regional solid waste authority is hereby authorized and directed to implement a program to utilize those individuals incarcerated in the county or regional jails for litter pickup within the limits of available funds. Such program shall be funded from those moneys allocated to the authority by the director of the division of natural resources from the litter control fund pursuant to section twenty-six, article four, chapter twenty of this code. The authority may expend such additional funds for this program as may be available from other sources. The county commission and the sheriff of each county and the regional jail and correctional facility authority shall cooperate with the county or regional solid waste authority in implementing this program pursuant to section one, article eleven-a, and sections three and thirteen, article twelve, chapter sixty-two of this code.