§22C-4-11. Acquisition of land; operation of public solid waste landfills and other facilities; restrictions on solid wastes generated outside authority area; fees.

Upon approval of the litter and solid waste control plan by the solid waste management board, the county or regional solid waste authority may acquire, by purchase, lease, gift or otherwise, land for the establishment of solid waste facilities and is authorized to construct, operate, maintain and contract for the operation of such facilities. The authority may pay for lease or acquisition of such lands and the construction, operation and maintenance of such solid waste facilities from such fees, grants, financing by the solid waste program of the division of environmental protection or funds from other sources as may be available to the authority. The authority may prohibit the deposit of any solid waste in such solid waste facilities owned, leased or operated by the authority which have originated from sources outside the geographic limits of the county or region. The authority board of directors shall establish and charge reasonable fees for the use of such facilities operated by the authority.