§22A-8-6. Certificate of competency and qualification -- Underground or surface miner.

A certificate of competency and qualification as an underground miner or as surface miner shall be issued by the director to any person who has at least six months' total experience as an apprentice and demonstrated his or her competence as a miner by successful completion of an examination given by the director or his or her representative in a manner and place to be determined by the board of miner training, education and certification: Provided, That all examinations shall be conducted in the English language and shall be of a practical nature, so as to determine the competency and qualifications of the applicant to engage in the mining of coal with reasonable safety to the applicant and fellow employees: Provided, however, That notice of the time and place of such examination shall be given to management at the mine, to the local union thereat if there is a local union, and notice shall also be posted at the place or places in the vicinity of the mine where notices to employees are ordinarily posted. Examinations shall also be held at such times and places, and after such notice, as the board finds necessary to enable all applicants for certificates to have an opportunity to qualify for certification.