§22A-8-4. Permit of apprenticeship-surface miner.

A permit of apprenticeship-surface miner shall be issued by the director to any person who has demonstrated by examination a knowledge of the subjects and skills pertaining to employment in the surface mining industry, including, but not limited to, general safety, first aid, miner and operator rights and responsibilities, general principles of electricity, health and sanitation, heavy equipment safety, high walls and spoil banks, haulage, welding safety, tipple safety, state and federal mining laws and regulations and such other subjects as may be required by the board of miner training, education and certification: Provided, That each applicant for said permit shall complete a program of education and training of at least forty hours, which program shall be determined by the board of miner training, education and certification and provided for and implemented by the director: Provided, however, That if a sufficient number of qualified applicants having successfully completed the state training provided by the office of miners' health, safety and training are not available, the operator may request approval from the director to conduct the operator's own preemployment training program so long as such training adequately covers the minimum criteria determined by the board and such trainees shall be eligible for the same certification as provided for trainees undergoing training provided by the state.