§22A-7-6. Duties of the director and office.
The director shall propose rules for legislative approval, pursuant to chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, that are necessary to establish a program to implement the provisions of this article. Such program shall include, but not be limited to, implementation of a program of instruction in each of the miner occupational specialties and the conduct of examinations to test each applicant's knowledge and understanding of the training and instruction which he or she is required to have prior to the receipt of a certificate.

The director is authorized and directed to utilize state mine inspectors, mine safety instructors, the state mine foreman examiner, private and public institutions of education and such other persons as may be available in implementing the program of instruction and examinations.

The director may, at any time, make such recommendations to the board as he or she may deem appropriate.

The director shall supply any information upon request of the board as long as the information is not in violation of any other laws.

The director is authorized and directed to utilize such state and federal moneys and personnel as may be available to the office for educational and training purposes in the implementation of the provisions of this article.