§22A-2A-604. Location of fueling.

     (a) Fueling of diesel-powered equipment is not to be conducted in the intake escapeways unless the mine design and entry configuration make it necessary. For those cases where fueling in the intake escapeways is necessary, the director shall establish a procedure whereby the mine operator shall submit a plan for approval, outlining the special safety precautions that will be taken to insure the protection of miners. The plan shall specify a fixed location where fueling will be conducted in the intake escapeway and all other safety precautions that will be taken, which shall include an examination of the area for spillage or fire by a qualified person.

     (b) At least one person, specially trained in the cleanup and disposal of diesel fuel spills, shall be on duty at the mine when diesel-powered equipment or mobile fuel transportation equipment is being used or when any fueling of diesel-powered equipment is being conducted.