§22A-2A-405. Exhaust gas monitoring and control.

     (a) For monitoring and controlling exhaust gases, the director shall establish the maximum allowable ambient concentration of exhaust gases in the mine atmosphere. Standards for exhaust gases, stated in parts per million, shall be established for carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. The rules shall establish the location in the mine at which the concentration of these exhaust gases is to be measured, the frequency at which measurements are to be made, and requirements prescribing the sampling instruments to be used in the measurement of exhaust gases.

     (b) The director shall establish the concentration of exhaust gas, stated as a percentage of an exposure limit, that when present will require changes to be made in the use of diesel-powered equipment or the methods of mine ventilation, or will require other modifications in the mining process.

     (c) The director shall provide for the remedial action to be taken if the concentration of any of the gases listed in subsection (a) of this section exceeds the exposure limit.

     (d) In addition to the other maintenance requirements required by this article, the director shall establish requirements provide for service, maintenance and tests which are specific to an engine's fuel delivery system, timing or exhaust emissions control and conditioning system.