§22A-1A-2. Board of Appeals hearing procedures.

     (a) Any hearing conducted after the temporary suspension of a certified person's certificate pursuant to this article, shall be conducted within sixty days of the temporary suspension. The Board of Appeals shall make every effort to hold the hearing within forty days of the temporary suspension.

     (b) All hearings of the Board of Appeals pursuant to this section shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of subsection (c), section thirty-one, article one of this chapter. The Board of Appeals may suspend the certificate or certificates of a certified person for violation of this article or for any other violation of this chapter pertaining to substance abuse. The Board of Appeals may impose further disciplinary actions for repeat violations. The director shall have the authority to propose legislative rules for promulgation in accordance with article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code to establish the disciplinary actions referenced in this section following the receipt of recommendations from the Board of Coal Mine Health and Safety following completion of the study required pursuant to section fourteen, article six of this chapter. The legislative rules authorized by this subsection shall not, however, include any provisions requiring an employer to take or refrain from taking any specific personnel action or mandating any employer to establish or maintain an employer-funded substance abuse rehabilitation program.

     (c) No person whose certification is suspended or revoked under this section may perform any duties under any other certification issued under this chapter, during the period of the suspension imposed by the Board of Appeals.

     (d) Any party adversely affected by a final order or decision issued by the Board of Appeals hereunder is entitled to judicial review thereof pursuant to section four, article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code.