§22A-1-16. Powers and duties of electrical inspectors as to inspections, findings and orders; reports of electrical inspectors.

In order that the electrical inspector may properly perform the duties required of him or her, he or she shall devote his or her whole time and attention to the duties of the office, and the inspector has the right to enter any coal mine for the purpose of inspecting electrical equipment, and if he or she finds during an inspection any defects in the electrical equipment which are covered by law and may be detrimental to the lives or health of the workmen, the inspector has the authority to order the operator, in writing, to remedy such defects within a prescribed time, and to prohibit the continued operation of such electrical equipment after such time, unless such defects have been corrected.

The electrical inspector shall examine each mine in his or her division at least once each year or as often as the director may deem necessary.

It is the duty of the electrical inspector, after completing the examination of a mine, to prepare a report describing his or her findings in said mine in a manner and form designated by the director. The original report shall be forwarded to the operator or the operator's representative whose duty it is to post it in some conspicuous place open to examination by any interested person or persons. The report shall show the date of inspection, a list of equipment, and any other information that the director may deem necessary.