§22-25-11. Recovery of costs to department in developing, negotiating and publicizing environmental performance agreement; deposition of moneys collected; creation of environmental excellence program administrative fund.
To recover the costs to the department in developing, negotiating and publicizing an environmental performance agreement, the secretary may establish by legislative rule reasonable application, renewal, and administration fees. An "Environmental Excellence Program Administrative Fund" is hereby created in the state treasury. The funds shall be dedicated and appropriated to the department to administer the program. Expenditures are not authorized from collections but are to be made only in accordance with appropriation by the Legislature and in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twelve of this code and upon the fulfillment of the provisions of article two, chapter five-a of this code: Provided, That for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth day of June, two thousand five, expenditures are authorized from collections rather than pursuant to appropriation by the Legislature. Any moneys not utilized by the department for the purposes set forth herein by the thirtieth day of June, two thousand nine, shall revert to the state general revenue fund and the environmental excellence program administration fund shall be dissolved.