§22-22-17. Public notification for brownfields.

Persons undertaking the remediation and revitalization of brownfield sites shall comply with the following public notice and review requirements:

(a) A notice of intent to remediate a site shall be submitted to the division which provides, to the extent known, a brief description of the location of the site, a listing of the contaminants involved and the proposed remediation measures. The division shall publish an acknowledgment noting the receipt of the notice of intent in a division publication of general circulation. At the time a notice of intent to remediate a site is submitted to the division, a copy of such notice shall be provided to the municipality and the county in which the site is located and a summary of the notice of intent shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation serving the area in which the site is located.

(b) The notice required by this subsection shall include a thirty-day public, county and municipal comment period during which the public, county and municipality can request to be involved in the development of the remediation and reuse plans for the site. If requested by the public, county, municipality or the director, the person undertaking the remediation shall develop and implement a public involvement program plan which meets the requirements set forth by the director.