§22-17-8. Notification requirements.

(a) Underground storage tank owners shall notify the director of any underground storage tank brought into use on or after the tenth day of June, one thousand nine hundred eighty-eight, within thirty days of such use, on a form prescribed by the director. The notice shall specify the date of tank installation, tank location, type of construction, size and age of such tank and the type of regulated substance to be stored therein. If, at the time this information is required to be submitted, the director has not prepared the form required by this section, the owner shall nevertheless submit the information in writing to the director.

(b) A person who sells a tank intended to be used as an underground storage tank shall reasonably notify the owner or operator of such tank of the owner's notification requirements of this section.

(c) A new owner of any underground storage tank shall notify the director in writing of the transfer of ownership of any underground storage tank. The new owner upon the effective date of such transfer becomes subject to all provisions of this article. The director may prescribe by rule the appropriate form and timing for such notification.