§22-15-18. Condition on receiving permit.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, a permit application for a solid waste landfill facility submitted by any person who has owned, operated or held a permit for a solid waste landfill upon which funds have been, or are to be, expended on pursuant to the provisions of article sixteen of this chapter, may be approved under the provisions of this article only if all funds so expended are repaid in full, plus interest, or arrangements, satisfactory to the director, are made for the repayment of the funds and the interest. The repayment shall be made a specific condition of a permit.

(b) In the case where a permittee has entered into a repayment arrangement with the director in order to obtain a permit under this article, the repayment of the funds shall be considered by the public service commission a reasonable cost of operating the newly permitted landfill in determining rates to be charged at the landfill.