§22-14-8. Content of certificates of approval for dams; revocation or suspension of certificates.
Each certificate of approval issued by the secretary under the provisions of this article may contain other terms and conditions as the secretary may prescribe.

The secretary may revoke or suspend any certificate of approval whenever it is determined that the dam for which the certificate was issued constitutes a danger to life and property. If necessary to safeguard life and property, the secretary may also amend the terms and conditions of any certificate by issuing a new certificate containing the revised terms and conditions.

Before any certificate of approval is amended or revoked by the secretary, the secretary shall hold a hearing in accordance with the provisions of article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code.

Any person adversely affected by an order entered following the hearing has the right to appeal to the environmental quality board pursuant to the provisions of article one, chapter twenty-two-b of this code.