§22-12-8. Groundwater certification.

(a) To ensure a comprehensive, consistent and unfragmented approach to the management and protection of groundwater, including evaluation of the cumulative effects of all activities that have the potential to impact on groundwater, the director shall oversee and coordinate the implementation of this article by each of the groundwater regulatory agencies through a groundwater certification program as hereby established.

(b) Every state, county or local government body which reviews or issues permits, licenses, registrations, certificates of other forms of approval, or renewal thereof, for activities or practices which may affect groundwater quality shall first submit to the director for review and approval an application for certification. Such application shall include a copy of the approval proposed by such body, including any terms and conditions which have been imposed by it. Upon receipt of this application, the director shall act within thirty days to determine whether to waive or exercise his or her certification powers. If no decision is made or communicated by the director within said thirty day period, groundwater certification is approved. If the director decides to exercise his or her certification powers, he or she may utilize additional time, not to exceed an additional sixty days, to further review the materials submitted or to conduct such investigations as he or she deems necessary.

(c) The director may waive, grant, grant with conditions, or deny groundwater certification. Groundwater certification, and all conditions required under such certification, shall become a condition on any permit, approval or renewal thereof, issued by any state, county or local government body. Where appropriate, the director may provide general groundwater certification for or may waive certification for classes or categories of activities or approvals.