§22-11A-2. Definitions.
Unless the context in which used clearly requires a different meaning, as used in this article:

(a) "Department" means the Department of Environmental Protection;

(b) "Carbon dioxide sequestration" means the injection of carbon dioxide and associated constituents into subsurface geologic formations intended to prevent its release into the atmosphere;

(c) "Carbon dioxide sequestration facilities" means the surface equipment used for transport, storage and injection of carbon dioxide, excluding pipelines used to transport carbon dioxide from one or more capture facilities to the sequestration injection site or sites.

(d) "Carbon dioxide sequestration site" means the underground carbon dioxide formations where the carbon dioxide is stored or is intended to be stored;

(e) "Excursion" means the migrating of carbon dioxide at or beyond the boundary of a carbon dioxide sequestration site; and

(f) "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection.