§22-10-3. Definitions.

Unless the context in which it is used clearly requires a different meaning, as used in this article:

(a) "Abandoned well" means any well which is required to be plugged under the provisions of section nineteen, article six of this chapter and rules promulgated pursuant thereto.

(b) "Director" means for the purpose of this article, the director of the division of environmental protection as established in article one of this chapter or such other person to whom the director may delegate authority or duties pursuant to sections six or eight, article one of this chapter.

(c) "Interested party" means, for the purpose of this article, any owner, operator or lessee of the surface, oil, gas, water, coal or other mineral resource under, on, adjacent or in close proximity to any lands upon which an abandoned well exists, and whose lands, rights or interests are or might be affected by such abandoned well.