§22-4-26. Required fees, quarry inspection and enforcement fund.
The permit application fee is one thousand dollars. The fee for the original permit is one thousand dollars. The permit renewal fee of five hundred dollars shall be submitted with the renewal application and a progress report map. The fee for transferring a permit is five hundred dollars. The fee for a minor permit modification is two hundred dollars and for major modifications, five hundred dollars. There is hereby created in the state treasury a special revenue fund known as the "Quarry Inspection and Enforcement Fund." The fund shall operate as a special fund whereby all deposits and payments thereto do not expire to the general revenue fund, but shall remain in the fund and be available for expenditure in succeeding fiscal years. This fund shall consist of fees collected by the director in accordance with the provisions of this section, as well as interest earned on investments made from moneys deposited in the fund. Moneys from this fund shall be expended by the director for the administration, permitting, enforcement, inspection, monitoring and other activities required by this article.