§22-3A-10. Office to conduct study.
(a) The office shall conduct or participate in studies or research to develop scientifically based data and recommendations of the following:

(1) Ground vibrations associated with blasting and how the vibrations impact protected structures;

(2) The proper size and shot parameters to assure protection of protected structures;

(3) The necessity of expanding the parameters where blasting is prohibited in relation to protected structures to assure that the shots do not cause damage to protected structures;

(4) The appropriateness of modifying pre-blast survey requirements that reflect a pattern of excessive ground vibration and air blast has occurred within a measured distance;

(5) Analysis of the appropriate air blast limitations to determine damage criteria; and

(6) Any other data or recommendations the office deems appropriate.

(b) The office shall report the data and recommendations to the joint committee on government and finance on or before the first day of January, two thousand one, and annually thereafter or as otherwise required.