§21A-5-17b. Comity in collection of past-due payments and overpayments.

The courts of this state shall recognize and enforce liabilities for unemployment contributions imposed by other states which extend a like comity to this state. The commissioner in the name of this state is hereby empowered to sue in the courts of any other jurisdiction which extends such comity, to collect unemployment contributions and interest due this state. The officials of other states which by statute or otherwise extend a like comity to this state may sue in the courts of this state, to collect for such contributions and interest and penalties if any, due such state; in any such case the commissioner of the bureau of employment programs of this state may through his legal assistant or assistants institute and conduct such suit for such other state.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, the commissioner may recover an overpayment of benefits paid to any individual under this state or another state law or under an unemployment benefit program of the United States.