§21A-2B-4. Payroll deductions; employee continuing in group after retirement.

(a) Whenever the above-described regular employees shall indicate in writing that they have subscribed to any of the aforesaid insurance plans on a group basis, the commissioner of the bureau of employment programs is hereby authorized and empowered to approve periodic premium deductions from the salary payments due such employees as specified in a written assignment furnished the commissioner by each such employee subscribing to a group insurance plan, which deductions shall be made by the auditor of the state of West Virginia.

(b) Upon proper requisition of the commissioner, the auditor shall periodically issue a warrant payable as specified in the requisition, for the total deductions from the salaries of employees participating in any such group insurance plan. To promote efficiency and economy in making deductions and issuing warrants as provided herein, the auditor is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations specifying the form and the time and manner of presentation of requisitions issued pursuant to this section.

(c) When a participating employee shall retire from his employment, he may, if he so elects and the insurance carrier or carriers agree, remain a member of the group plan by paying the entire premium for the coverage involved.