§21A-2A-3. Application for employment by eligible unemployed person; forms and notice.
Any person who is an eligible unemployed person as defined in section two of this article may apply for employment in the emergency employment supplemental matching program by making application with the commissioner on forms made available by the commissioner at each local job service office: Provided, That nothing contained in this section shall be construed to permit funds under this program to be used to interfere or hinder existing employment or employment agreements including, but not limited to, collective bargaining agreements. Funds may not be used in instances where work stoppages resulting from labor management disputes are in effect.

The form furnished by the commissioner shall provide for listing the eligible unemployed person's prior work experience, skills, educational history, and such other information as the commissioner deems necessary for the purposes of this article. Priority for employment under this program shall be given to eligible unemployed persons who are heads of households.

The commissioner, within fifteen days after the effective date of legislation appropriating funds for the implementation of this article, shall cause to be published a statewide notice of the availability of such application forms under the emergency employment supplemental matching program.