§21A-2-16a. Work incentive program.

The bureau of employment programs, by its commissioner, is hereby designated the sponsor or agent of the United States department of labor for the establishment and operation within the state of West Virginia of the work incentive program for recipients of aid under Part A of Title IV of the Social Security Act. Such work incentive program is provided for in Part C of said Title IV of said Social Security Act. Part C was enacted by the Ninetieth Congress in Social Security Amendments of 1967, Public Law 90-248, under Section 204 thereof.

The commissioner, on behalf of the bureau, may do any and all acts necessary to establish and operate such work incentive program within the state of West Virginia.

The commissioner is hereby empowered and authorized to enter into agreements with the secretary of labor, or his designee, for the purpose of establishing and operating said work incentive program, or any part thereof, within the state of West Virginia.