§21-14-3. License required; exemptions.
(a) On and after the first day of January, two thousand nine, a person performing or offering to perform plumbing work in this state shall have a license issued by the Commissioner of Labor, in accordance with the provisions of this article.

(b) A person licensed under this article must carry a copy of the license on any job in which plumbing work is being performed.

(c) This article does not apply to:

(1) A person who personally performs plumbing work on a single family dwelling owned or leased by that person or by a member of that person's immediate family;

(2) A person who performs plumbing at any manufacturing plant or other industrial establishment as an employee of the person, firm or corporation operating the plant or establishment;

(3) A person who performs plumbing work while employed by an employer who engages in the business of selling appliances at retail, so long as such plumbing work is performed incidental to the installation or repair of appliances sold by the employer;

(4) A person who, while employed by a public utility or its affiliate, performs plumbing in connection with the furnishing of public utility service;

(5) A person who performs plumbing work while engaging in the business of installing, altering or repairing water distribution or drainage lines outside the foundation walls of a building, public or private sewage treatment or water treatment systems including all associated structures or buildings, sewers or underground utility services;

(6) A person who performs plumbing work while engaged in the installation, extension, dismantling, adjustment, repair, servicing or alteration of a heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, air-veyor system, air exhaust system or air handling system;

(7) A person who performs plumbing work at a coal mine that is being actively mined or where coal is being processed; or

(8) A person who performs plumbing work at manufacturing, industrial and natural gas facilities.