§21-13-2. Definitions.
As used in this article, except where a different meaning is provided in section five of this article:

(1) "Convenience food store" means a business establishment that:

(A) Derives fifty percent or more of its gross income from the sale of goods, merchandise or other articles of value in their original containers or gasoline and other petroleum products with gross annual sales of one million dollars or more; and

(B) Offers a limited quantity and variety of food, household and sundry items; and

(C) Operates at any time between the hours of twelve o'clock a.m. and five o'clock a.m.; and

(D) Does not sell or offer for sale prescription drug items.

(2) "Owner" means the person, corporation, partnership, joint venture or other group enterprise having an ownership or proprietary interest in a convenience food store.

(3) "Employee" means any person permitted to work by a person, corporation, partnership, joint venture or group enterprise legally responsible for the operation of the convenience food store.