§21-11A-2. Applicability of article.
This article does not apply to an action:

(1) Against a contractor for which a claimant, as a consumer, is entitled to a specific remedy pursuant to chapter forty-six-a of this code;

(2) Against a contractor who is not licensed under the provisions of article eleven of this chapter;

(3) Demanding damages of five thousand dollars or less;

(4) Alleging a construction defect that poses an imminent threat of injury to person or property;

(5) Alleging a construction defect that causes property not to be habitable;

(6) Against a contractor who failed to provide the notice required by section five or six of this article;

(7) Against a contractor if the parties to the contract agreed to submit claims to mediation, arbitration or another type of alternative dispute resolution; or

(8) Alleging claims for personal injury or death.