§21-11-7. Application for and issuance of license.
(a) A person desiring to be licensed as a contractor under this article shall submit to the board a written application requesting licensure, providing the applicant's social security number and such other information as the board may require on forms supplied by the board. The applicant shall pay a license fee not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars: Provided, That electrical contractors already licensed under section four, article three-b, chapter twenty-nine of this code shall pay no more than twenty dollars.

(b) A person holding a business registration certificate to conduct business in this state as a contractor on the thirtieth day of September, one thousand nine hundred ninety-one, may register with the board, certify by affidavit the requirements of subsection (c), section fifteen of this article and pay such license fee not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars and shall be issued a contractor's license without further examination: Provided, That no license may be issued without examination pursuant to this subsection after the first day of April, two thousand two: Provided, however, That any person issued a contractor's license by the board pursuant to this subsection may apply to the board for transfer of the license to a new business entity in which the license holder is the principal owner, partner or corporate officer: Provided further, That a license holder may hold a license on behalf of only one business entity during a given time period. The board may transfer the license issued pursuant to this subsection to the new business entity without requiring examination of the license holder.