§21-11-5. Administrative duties of the board; regulations.

(a) Pursuant to the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, the board shall adopt rules and regulations relating to the following:

(1) The minimum qualifications for applicants for examination and license in each of the following specified classes of contractor:

(A) Electrical contractor;

(B) General building contractor;

(C) General engineering contractor;

(D) Heating, ventilating and cooling contractor;

(E) Multifamily contractor;

(F) Piping contractor;

(G) Plumbing contractor;

(H) Residential contractor; or

(I) Specialty contractor;

(2) The content of examinations for applicants in each class;

(3) Procedures for application, examination and license renewal, and the manner in which the examination will be conducted;

(4) The continued competency of licensees for purposes of renewal and reinstatement of licenses; and

(5) Procedures for disciplinary action before the board.

(b) The board shall:

(1) Hold at least one examination in each calendar quarter for each specific classification of contractor, designate the time and place of such examinations, and notify applicants thereof;

(2) Request, through the division, investigation of any alleged violation of this article or of the regulations;

(3) Forward results of examinations to the division within twenty days following the examination;

(4) Notify the commissioner and board members of meeting dates and agenda items at least five days prior to such meetings; and

(5) Take minutes and records of all meetings and proceedings.