§21-6-8a. Blanket work permits.
(a) Blanket work permits are authorized when twenty-five or more minors are to be employed for a period of ninety days or less by an employer.

The employer, or person authorized by him or her in writing, shall forward to the commissioner of labor the following information:

(1) A letter from the employer stating that he or she is familiar with the child labor law of West Virginia and will abide by the law.

(2) A list containing the names, birthdates, ages, and job classifications of each minor.

(b) The minors to be covered by the blanket work permit may not be employed until the employer receives the permit from the commissioner of labor.

The commissioner of labor shall acknowledge the receipt of the information with a letter which shall be retained on file by the employer for the duration of the minors' employment. The commissioner of labor, after making proper inquiry, may issue a blanket work permit for an employer for a period not to exceed ninety days.