§21-5B-4. Employee's right of action against his employer.
(1) Any employee whose compensation is at a rate that is in violation of section three of this article shall have a right of action against his employer for the recovery of (a) the amount of the unpaid wages to which the employee is entitled for the one- year period preceding the commencement of the action, and (b) an additional amount as liquidated damages equal to the amount referred to in paragraph (a) of this subsection.

(2) In addition to any judgment awarded to the plaintiff, the court shall allow reasonable attorney's fees to be taxed as costs in any judgment recovered.

(3) The action for the unpaid wages and liquidated damages may be maintained by one or more employees on behalf of themselves or other employees similarly situated.

(4) No agreement for compensation at a rate of less than the rate to which such employee is entitled under this article is a defense to any action under this article.