§21-5-7. Prime contractor's responsibility for wages and benefits.
Whenever any person, firm or corporation shall contract with another for the performance of any work which the prime contracting person has undertaken to perform for another, the prime contractor shall become civilly liable to employees engaged in the performance of work under such contract for the payment of wages and fringe benefits, exclusive of liquidated damages as provided in subsection (e), section four of this article, to the extent that the employer of such employee fails to pay such wages and fringe benefits: Provided, That such employees have exhausted all feasible remedies contained in this article against such employer, but if the prime contractor has failed to notify the commissioner as required by section sixteen of this article, then the employee shall not be required to exhaust any remedies against the employer: Provided, however, That such employer shall become civilly liable to such prime contractor for any sum of money paid by him under this section.