§21-3D-6. Effect of accident.
(a) The commissioner may suspend or revoke the certification of a person involved in an accident relating to the operation of a crane by that person: Provided, That no disciplinary action against a crane operator may be imposed without a proper prior notice as served under section one, article two, chapter fifty-six of this code, and hearing held before the commissioner or his or her designee wherein the crane operator will be provided the opportunity to present evidence in person, by counsel or both and after which, the commissioner finds a violation of this article has occurred, the commissioner may impose any disciplinary action permitted in this article: Provided, however, That the provisions of subsection (e) of section seven of this article have not been met.

(b) If the commissioner makes a finding that the accident was caused by the actions or omissions of the certificate holder, the commissioner may require the certificate holder to retake and pass the written certification examination, or practical demonstration or both the certification examination and the practical demonstration or successfully completes a training course approved by the commissioner before the certificate holder may apply to have the certification reinstated.