§21-3C-9. Permits for removal or repairs.

Before any existing elevator is removed to a different location, an application of specifications shall be submitted to the division listing such information concerning the installation and operation of the elevator as the division may require on forms designed and furnished by the division. Copies of the complete installation plans shall be submitted with the application.

In all cases where any changes or repairs proposed by the owner or operator which alter the elevator's construction or classification, grade or rated lifting capacity, except when made pursuant to a report of an inspector, the owner or operator of the elevator shall submit to the division an application containing such information as deemed appropriate by the division.

Upon approval of such application and installation plans, the division shall issue a permit for the installation or repair of such elevator. No elevator being removed and re-installed or repaired may be operated until its completion, in accordance with the approved plans and specifications: Provided, That the division may grant a temporary permit to such elevator, authorizing its operation.