§21-3A-15. Research and demonstration projects.

The commissioner shall conduct research and undertake demonstration projects relating to occupational safety and health issues and problems, either within the labor department or by grants or contracts. The commissioner may prescribe rules requiring employers to measure, record and make reports on exposure of employees to toxic substances which he believes may endanger the health or safety of employees. The commissioner shall cooperate with the director of the national institute for occupational safety and health of the department of health and human services of the United States in establishing programs of medical examinations and tests necessary to determine the incidence of occupational illness and employee susceptibility to such illnesses. Such programs, upon the request of the employer, may be paid for by the commissioner, together with such other assistance as may be required. Information obtained under this section shall be made public without revealing the names of individual workers covered by physical examination or special studies and shall be made available to employers, employees and their authorized representatives.