§21-1C-4. Local labor market utilization on public improvement construction projects; waiver certificates.
(a) Employers shall hire at least seventy-five percent of employees for public improvement construction projects from the local labor market, to be rounded off, with at least two employees from outside the local labor market permissible for each employer per project.

(b) Any employer unable to employ the minimum number of employees from the local labor market shall inform the nearest office of the bureau of employment programs' division of employment services of the number of qualified employees needed and provide a job description of the positions to be filled.

(c) If, within three business days following the placing of a job order, the division is unable to refer any qualified job applicants to the employer or refers less qualified job applicants than the number requested, then the division shall issue a waiver to the employer stating the unavailability of applicant and shall permit the employer to fill any positions covered by the waiver from outside the local labor market. The waiver shall be either oral or in writing and shall be issued within the prescribed three days. A waiver certificate shall be sent to both the employer for its permanent project records and to the public authority.