§20-14-4. Board; quorum; executive director; expenses.

The board is the governing body of the authority and the board shall exercise all the powers given the authority in this article.

The board shall meet quarterly, unless a special meeting is called by its chairman: Provided, That on the second Monday of July of each even-numbered year, or as soon thereafter as feasible, the board shall meet to elect a chairman, secretary and treasurer from among its own members.

A majority of the members of the board constitutes a quorum, and a quorum shall be present for the board to conduct business. Unless the bylaws require a larger number, action may be taken by majority vote of the members present.

The board shall prescribe, amend, and repeal bylaws and rules governing the manner in which the business of the authority is conducted and shall review and approve an annual budget.

The board shall appoint an executive director to act as its chief executive officer, to serve at the will and pleasure of the board. The board, acting through its executive director, may employ any other personnel considered necessary and may appoint counsel and legal staff for the authority and retain such temporary engineering, financial and other consultants or technicians as may be required for any special study or survey consistent with the provisions of this article. The executive director shall carry outplans to implement the provisions of this article and to exercise those powers enumerated in the bylaws. The executive director shall prepare annually a budget to be submitted to the board for its review and approval.

All costs incidental to the administration of the authority, including office expenses, personal services expense and current expense, shall be paid in accordance with guidelines issued by the board from funds accruing to the authority.

All expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this article shall be payable solely from funds provided under the authority of this article and no liability or obligation may be incurred by the authority under this article beyond the extent to which moneys have been provided under the authority of this article.