§20-13-5. Grant qualifications.
In order to qualify for grants from the West Virginia Stream Partners Program, a group of representatives located in the immediate area of a stream or streams which qualify under section two of this article shall apply to the executive committee in accordance with the following requirements and in accordance with any other provision of this article or any applicable rule. The application shall:

(a) Identify the stream or streams to be restored, protected, utilized or enhanced;

(b) Identify the representatives of groups applying for funds and the financially responsible entity to receive funds, all from the geographic area immediately surrounding the stream or streams. These identified individuals shall represent the general public, industry, environmental groups, sportsmen, forestry, agriculture, local government, tourism, recreation and affected landowners, all located in the geographic area immediately surrounding the stream or streams;

(c) Demonstrate an ability to achieve, within the grant year, a specific improvement project that enhances the identified stream or streams; and

(d) Evidence a commitment to educate the citizens in the area of the identified stream or streams about the benefits of restoring, protecting and enhancing the stream or streams in a responsible manner.