§20-12-6. Validity.
(a) A conservation or preservation easement is valid even though:

(1) It is not appurtenant to an interest in real property;

(2) It can be or has been assigned to another holder;

(3) It is not of a character that has been recognized traditionally as common law;

(4) It imposes a negative burden;

(5) It imposes affirmative obligations upon the owner of an interest in the burdened property or upon the holder;

(6) The benefit does not touch or concern real property; or (7) There is no privity of estate or of contract.

(b) To be enforceable under the provisions of this article, a conservation or preservation easement shall be recorded within sixty days of the effective date of the easement. Upon proper recording, the provisions of this article apply retroactively to the effective date of the easement.