§20-4A-2. "Diver down" flag required; flag specifications.
(1) No person may skin or scuba dive in any waters of the state that are used by motorboats unless the diving area is marked by one "diver down" flag displayed at all times while a diver is in the water.

(2) The "diver down" flag shall be a red field with a white diagonal stripe not less than one and one-half inches wide running upper left to lower right. The dimensions of the flag shall be not less than ten inches by ten inches and the top of the flag shall be at least three feet above the surface of the water.

(3) The "diver down" flag shall be anchored and affixed to a separate flotation device. No such flag may be attached to any navigational device or placed so as to obstruct boat traffic.

(4) A diver must surface within one hundred feet of the "diver down" flag marking his diving area.