§20-4-2. Definitions.

In this article, unless a different meaning plainly is required:

(1) "Equestrian activity" means any sporting event or other activity involving a horse or horses, including, but not limited to:

(A) Shows, fairs, competitions, performances or parades;

(B) Any of the equine disciplines such as dressage, hunter and jumper shows, grand prix jumping, three day events, combined training, rodeos, driving, western games and hunting;

(C) Rides, trips or hunts;

(D) Riding classes, therapeutic riding programs, school and college sponsored classes and programs, or other classes in horsemanship;

(E) The boarding or keeping of horses; and

(F) Providing equipment or tack.

(2) "Horseman" or "operator of a horseman's business" means any individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, association, public or private corporation, the United States or any federal agency, this state or any political subdivision of this state, and any other legal entity which engages, with or without compensation, in organizing, promoting, presenting or providing equestrian activities or in providing facilities for equestrian activities.

(3) "Horse" means each animal of the horse kind, in every class or breed of horses, and, without limitation or exception, all members of the genus Equus and family Equidae.
(4) "Participant" means any person using the services or facilities of a horseman so as to be directly involved in an equestrian activity.